In recent seasons, colour has grown to become the first, kick-off step when designing (instead of being relegated as an afterthought in the design process). As sight is indeed the strongest developed sense of our five, it is understandable that it is also the first one to impact how we perceive, evaluate and react to the surrounding world. Colour is the game changer in how we feel, what we do and how we do it.

Designers, across the world of fashion to interior & lifestyle, are all very keen on exploring how they can make statements and create influence just by bring colour to the center stage. In fact, across the trade shows and exhibitions we explore, as well as newly launched collections, we see a predominance of a one, bold, immersive, all-encompassing shade. Matte, solid colour statements are eye-catching and memorable.

Always with today’s trend, Novalis launched the durable 0,55/2,5mm dry back collection AVA® SPRK™ offering 38 monochromic matte shades ranging from neutral to really bright. With all the ecological attributes such as 100% Phthalate-free, EPD, HPD and FloorScore certifications, this collection is the ideal choice for contemporary interior projects, especially the commercial areas with heavy traffic; including

heavy rolling solution such as school, institution, and health care facilities.

Recently, AVA SPRK™ was chosen for several educational projects in the US. One interesting example is the Red Door Early Learning Center in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. Several shades from this collection were chosen for the classroom, entrance, playroom and hallway. The interior was all designed in harmonised color coordination.