Explore Fresh™ Styles

FRESH™ creates a bold, stylish and “fresh” look and feel to any space, thanks to these 12” x 24” tile designs that install with adhesive.

With FRESH, you get 8 saturated colors and 8 complementary neutrals from which to choose, rendered in a subtle flowing grain appearance for a pleasing pattern affect. FRESH is the smart choice for education or healthcare environments.

As with all Novalis flooring, FRESH is 100% phthalate-free and is FloorScore® certified for a healthy indoor environment.

FRESH comes with a 20mil wear layer and a 10-year commercial warranty.

Fresh 1

Lemon FS001 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Tangerine FS002 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Pomegranate FS003 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Turquoise FS004 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Ocean FS005 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Fresh 2

Seafoam FS006 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Lime FS007 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Fudge FS008 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Sand FS009 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Pecan FS010 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Fresh 3

Seashell FS011 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Graphite FS012 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Haze FS013 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Iron FS014 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Titanium FS015 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)

Fresh 4

Coal FS016 12″×24″ (305mm×610mm)