Explore LINEAR™ Styles

Think of LINEAR™ by Novalis as a designer’s dream flooring. It is there to give your creativity the freedom it desires, with a bold color palette of “Misty Rains,” “Moonlit Paths,” “Ocean Blue” and other designer shades.

Choose from among 16 tiles that are cut 18” x 18” and ready for your creativity.

As with all Novalis flooring, LINEAR is 100% phthalate-free and is FloorScore® certified for a healthy indoor environment.

LINEAR comes with a 20mil wear layer and a 10-year commercial warranty.

Linear new 3

Cumin LN018 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Mustard LN028 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Sage LN038 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Olive LN048 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Sandy Beach LN058 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Linear New 2

Summer Day LN068 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Stormy Sky LN078 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Ocean Blue LN088 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Cayenne LN098 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Plum LN108 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Linear 1 new

Nutmeg LN118 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Cinnamon LN128 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Misty Rain LN138 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Snowy Road LN148 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Moonlit Path LN158 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Winter Night LN168 18” x 18” (457.2mmx457.2mm)