Explore Rural™ Styles

Give your space a rich, “gentrified” feel with the RURAL™ LVT plank collection from Novalis.

The designs almost read like a nature guidebook: Whitewashed Driftwood, Norway Spruce, Forest Birch, European Cherry, Warm White Oak, and more. And the amazing realistic and embossed reproduction of these magnificent woods will be breathtaking on your floor.

Select from a dozen styles in 6” x 48” planks that are glue-down with a 10-year residential warranty. Mix and match colors for an even more interesting room design pattern.

As with all Novalis LVT, RURAL is made with the highest quality and environmental standards, including 100% phthalate-free manufacturing and FloorScore® certification.


Whitewashed Driftwood PD401 6”x48” (152mmx1220mm)

Graywashed Driftwood PD402 6”x48” (152mmx1220mm)

Natural Driftwood PD403 6”x48” (152mmx1220mm)

Ironwood PD404 6”x48” (152mmx1220mm)

Norway Spruce PD405 6”x 48” (152mm x 1220mm)

Conifer PD407 6”x 48” (152mm x 1220mm)

Rural 2

Forest Birch PD406 6”x48” (152mmx1220mm)

Melia Ash PD408 6”x48” (152mmx1220mm)

European Oak PD409 6”x48” (152mmx1220mm)

European Cherry PD410 6”x48” (152mmx1220mm)

Warm White Oak PD411 6”x 48” (152mm x 1220mm)

Honey Oak PD412 6”x 48” (152mm x 1220mm)