Explore Stone™ Styles

STONE™ comes in 16 rock-solid design reproductions of all the favorites … amazingly realistic renditions of materials like porcelain, marble, and concretes in a variety of shades and finishes.

All STONE tiles are 12” x 24” and are glue-down and protected with our CeramGlaz® durable urethane coating.

They are 100% phthalate-free in manufacturing and carry FloorScore® certification; as well as a 10-year commercial warranty and limited lifetime residential warranty.

Stone 1

Fossil SC011 12”x24” (305mmx610mm)

Rock SC021 12”x24” (305mmx610mm)

Stained Concrete-Iron SC031 12”x24” (305mmx610mm)

Stained Concrete-Rust SC041 12”x24” (305mmx610mm)

Stone 2

Porcelain-Bianco PO011 12”x24” (305mmx610mm)

Grigio PO021 12”x24” (305mmx610mm)

Porcelain-Rosa PO031 12”x24” (305mmx610mm)

Nero PO041 12”x24” (305mmx610mm)

Stone 3

Stratus Marble-Earth SM011 12”x 36” (305mmx915mm)

Stratus Marble-Fire SM021 12”x 36” (305mmx915mm)

Stratus Marble-Wind SM031 12”x 36” (305mmx915mm)

Stratus Marble-Ice SM041 12”x 36” (305mmx915mm)

Stone 4

Brused Concrete-Beige BC011 18”x18” (458mmx458mm)

Brused Concrete-Blue BC021 18”x18” (458mmx458mm)

Brused Concrete-Bronze BC031 18”x18” (458mmx458mm)

Brused Concrete-Copper BC041 18”x18” (458mmx458mm)