Explore Artisan™ Styles

ARTISAN™ is our collection of wood and concrete looks that are ideal for today’s shops, boutiques and workspaces.

With ARTISAN’s ten 6” x 24” planks and concrete-design tiles, it’s easy to custom-create unique workspaces with herringbone patterns or concrete islands set off by wood-look accent borders.

ARTISAN is as rugged as it is beautiful, with glue-down installation and a 10-year commercial warranty.

As with all Novalis LVT floors, ARTISAN is made with the highest quality and environmental standards, including 100% phthalate-free manufacturing and FloorScore® certification.

Aritisan 4

French Passion-Tile DC001 18” × 36” (458mm×915mm)

French Passion-Vintage DC002 18″×36″ (458mm×915mm)

Spanish Simplicity-Tile DC003 18” × 36”(458mm×915mm)

Spanish Simplicity-Concrete DC004 18″×36″ (458mm×915mm)

Artisan 3

Moroccan Classic-Tile DC005 18” × 36” (458mm×915mm)

Moroccan Classic-Natural DC006 18” × 36” (458mm×915mm)

Artisan 1

Sand HB001    6″×24″   (152mm×610mm)

Smoke HB002   6″×24″  (152mm×610mm)

Wave HB003   6″×24″  (152mm×610mm)

Fog HB004   6″×24″  (152mm×610mm)

Foliage HB005   6″×24″  (152mm×610mm)

Artisan 2

Tsunami HB006 6″×24″ (152mm×610mm)

Ice HB007 6″×24″ (152mm×610mm)

Sable HB008 6″×24″ (152mm×610mm)

Ash HB009 6″×24″ (152mm×610mm)

Blizzard HB010 6″×24″ (152mm×610mm)