Explore Impression™ Styles

IMPRESSION™ by Novalis provides a crisp, professional appearance with LVT that had only been achievable before by using VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) … but it is so much better!

Our palette of 18 speckle-pattern colors in generously-sized 18” x 18” tiles create a dramatic effect and pattern possibilities to enhance any large space.

Due to its slip resistant PU coating, it is ideal for public spaces, cafeterias. entry areas, lobbies, corridors, institutional and hospitality spaces … you name it. IMPRESSION will always make the best impression for you.

All are styles are glue-down, carry a 10-year commercial warranty and are FloorScore® certified.

Impression 3

Glacier IP000 18” x 18″ (458mmx458mm)

Shale IP001 18” x 18″ (458mmx458mm)

Sandrift IP002 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Bisque IP003 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Toasted Sesame IP004 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Impression 4

Putty IP005 18” x 18”(458mmx458mm)

Cool Beige IP006 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Taupe IP007 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Larkspur IP008 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Baltic Green IP009 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Impression 1

Slate Green IP010 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Saffron IP011 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Sable IP012 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Earthen IP013 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Impression 2

Coffee IP014 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Midnight IP015 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Red Chili IP016 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)

Deep Blue IP017 18” x 18” (458mmx458mm)